Basket Festival


In 1858, Berlin Heights, Ohio resident Samuel Patterson founded the Berlin Fruit Box Company.  The Berlin Fruit Box Company made baskets, crates, and ladders needed by the beautiful and bountiful local orchards and family farms. 

While the Berlin Fruit Box Company closed its doors a handful of years ago after becoming a local institution after six generations of the Patterson family crafted practical and limited edition baskets, the heritage and history of the basket making craft still remains a cornerstone of the culture and traditions of the Berlin Heights area. 

Many of the same beautiful and bountiful orchards and family farms still surround the area and provide delicious fruits, vegetables, jams, wines, and family fun.  The Basket Festival honors the rich, local history of the Berlin Heights area and celebrates the bright future of this friendly and close-knit community.

When is the next basket festival?

If you missed the 2018 Basket Festival, you'll have to wait a whole year to check it out on Friday, August 2 and Saturday, August 3, 2019!  We hope to see you, your friends and family next year to help celebrate Berlin Heights and the surrounding community.

Would I have fun at the Basket Festival?


Absolutely!  If you love great music, fantastic food, quality vendors, unique arts and crafts, traditional and fun contests, a crowd pleasing parade, a beautiful Queen's contest, and a friendly beer tent you'll love attending the 2019 Basket Festival! 



Awesome!  Where is the basket festival?


The Basket Festival is located on East Main Street, Berlin Heights, Ohio.  Seriously, come to town, you can't miss the crowds heading our way!


Is there a fee to attend the festival?


There are no fees to attend the festival unless you are a vendor selling goods or food at the festival, or a political candidate or organization walking in the parade (see forms for details).



~A Berlin Heights Summer Festival~