Basket Festival

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Can I bring my pet with me to the festival?

Pets are not permitted at the Basket Festival unless they are Service animals. Therapy animals are not permitted.

Where is handicap parking?

Handicap parking is located in the teacher side parking lot in front of Edison Middle School. Signs are in place in that lot to differentiate these spaces.

Where do I sign up for any of the contests?

The committee tent is the place to sign up for anything, ask questions, purchase baskets, etc. A committee member will always be there to assist you.

Will there be activities for children of all ages?

Yes! We strive on children's activities at the Basket Festival and have fun planned for all ages, even adults!

Where can I sit to view the fireworks?

Fireworks are set off from the baseball fields behind the school. Anywhere in town is a great place to see them, even the festival itself!

Can I ride my bike through the festival?

Unfortunately, bikes, roller blades and skateboards are prohibited on festival grounds.


~A Berlin Heights Summer Festival~